Chris Putnum (born 5 October 1955, New York), was Armerican, musician, and lead tenor, best known for temporarily replacing Seth Sutter in Seth & the Janitors for a series of concerts during the height.


He lived in New York, with hes younger brother Derek Putnum (b. 1956), and hes oldest brother Eric Putnum (b. 1944 — d. 1985).

Career with Seth & the JanitorsEdit

After Seth got illness on June 1, 1976, Chris toke over for Seth intel hes comes back. Hes first song called "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by The Byrds, relesed in June 4, 1976.

After 4 weeks, Seth come back to return and Chris left the group and joined "The Urban Soldiers". Chris new album called "Here We Comes" released in 1976.