Danny Kennedy
Danny in 2012

Birth Name

Danny Paul Kennedy


May 3, 1997 (15)


New York

Airsoft Team

DFI Airsoft

Airsoft Gear

Black Gogles, Black helment, Black Vest, Black Oklay gloves, Woodland pants, Woodland shirt, Tan Wrapped, and Scarf.


Chris Kennedy (brother)

Danny Kennedy (born May 3, 1997, New York), was frountman of Seth & the Planet Juniors, Im Founder of Doo-Wop Groups Wiki. Im also a Airsoft Player of DFI Airsoft.

Member of DFI AirsoftEdit

Danny was 13, and joined the airsoft team called "DFI Airsoft". When he was 14, he have a winter loadout same as youtuber user "DFI Airsoft".

Frountman of Seth & the Planet JuniorsEdit

When he was 15. He joined The Jokers Their frist album hit single was At The Hop. Later they renamed "Seth & the Planet Juniors".

Founder of Doo-wop Group WikiEdit

In 2012, Danny make new wiki called doo-wop groups wiki when he was 15.


In May 25, 2012, Danny have facebook, he have 200 friends in facebook.

Danny's GirlfriendEdit

When he was 15, he meet a 14 yr old girl named "Katelyn Barrows".


When he was 13, after joining DFI Airsoft he having a tremors hes hand and hes leg.

RSD CRPS tremors in hand and leg

RSD CRPS tremors in hand and leg

Hand and leg tremors (13-14)

In March 5, 2011, He been in the hostipal for 3 weeks, Doctors say that i be fine, Its start get wost, now i have tremor when i was "Shivering", "Shaking", and "Nervous".

On December 3, 2011, He's tremors to nomal but he have temors on hes hand, and hes left.

Loadout PhotosEdit

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Danny's Loadout 2 2011.

MA frame 5.0

My Loadout 4 March 13, 2012

MA mqdefault2

My Loadout 3 2012

MA 24

This is Danny wearing hes Winter Loadout.

Danny in 2012

Danny in 2012, with hes new loaodut

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