Johnny "John" Kennedy (born June 4, 1941), was American musician,of the group called Paul & the Kennedys. The biggest hit album called "Jay Comes Back", released in 1957.


John wants to be a musician when he was 10. Same with hes brothers Paul Kennedy, and Joe Kennedy, and hes cousin Seth Sutter. In 1958, Johnny joined hes brother Paul band called Paul & the Kennedys. New album called Do the Bop by doo-wop group by Danny & the Juniors.

Paul & the KennedysEdit


Johnny, and Joe joined Paul's band called "Paul & the Kennedys". Formed in 1958. Paul (lead tenor), Johnny (Baritone / Bass), and Joe (Second Tenor), also their first proucder was Graveth Puckett. Their first Concert was in 1960, was at The Ed Sullivan Show. In 1964, Paul have new album called "At the Hop" by the doo-wop groups of Danny & the Juniors, and Seth & the Planet Juniors.


On May 6, 1971, Their cousin Seth Sutter, joined "Paul & the Kennedys". The Proucder gived him "tenor vocalist, and songwriter. In 1975, They have seond concsert at Perelman Theater. On December 13, 1979, Paul and Seth make new albums called At the Hop, and Rock 'n' Roll Is To Stay released in 1981. Seth Sutter left the group on Junurary 4, 1983. Hes youngest brother Paul Kennedy, committed Suicide hanging he jast 41, in July 5, 1983.