Katelyn Barrows

birth name

Katelyn Paula Barrows


June 12, 1998

Having Sexs



Danny Kennedy

Katelyn Barrows (born June 12, 1998, New York), was Co-Founder of hes boyfriend Danny Kennedy.

Shes lived in New York, with her's boyfriend Danny Kennedy. Shes always Nervous, Shaking, and Tremor, when shes was 11.

When shes was 12, shes have a pantyhose aged of 12. He met a friend named "Paula Moses".

Shaking/Shivering OutoutEdit

Boobs Shaking

Katelyn Shaking/shivering. *shivering*

Shes was shivering with her, Red Panty, Red Bra, and Pantyhose. Shes shivering chattering teeth, Shaking legs, and her body.

On May 8, 2011, she was shivering agian with her's black pantyhose, boots, and skirt, also her shirt.

  • shaking*
  • shivering*

Tremor or shakingEdit

Shaky Hand

Shaky Hand

This is me tremor my hand (13)

Shaky legs at the Wall

Shaky legs at the Wall.AVI

This is me shaking my legs (nervous)

Shaking legs

Shaking legs

this is me shaking (nervous) wit pink pantyhose and skirt

Me shaking my leg

Me shaking my leg

My lags are shaking eacuse i was shivering



I was shivering


When shes have sex with Danny, shes wear a pantyhose, so she and her boyfriend have sex, kissing.

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