Nicholas "Nick" Nelson (born Nicholas Nelson, June 5, 1974, Oklahoma), was frontman of group called The Websters. Their biggest hit was "Open Up" released in 1992.


He lived in Oklahoma, with hes parents Father, and Mother, with 2 brothers Danny Nelson, and Eric Nelson. Nick have birthday in June 5, 1974. He was a younger brother to Danny and Eric Nelson. He want to high school is [High School]. With hes friends John VacDyck, Jacob William, and Thomas Cyruns.

In 1990, he joined The Websters, with hes friends John VacDyck, Jacob William, and Thomas Cyruns. On Nevember 2, 1990, new album called "School Days" released in Nevember 4, 1990.

Broke upEdit

Thomas trying to released a album called "School Years". Other guys desagree with Thomas, so they broke up for middle to end of they year. On December 24, 2003, Nicholas, John, Jacob, and Thomas.

After Broke upEdit

After they broke up in Junuary 1, 2004, Thomas sorry about everything so Nick, John, Jacob, and Thomas joined band together. At Junuary 5, 2004, Nick, John, Jacob agree with album so they released it.

Awards and recognitionEdit

He and The Websters will be in Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2001.

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