Seth & The Janitors are a doo-wop quartet from New York comprising Seth Sutter, Danny Sutter, Brandon Jackson, and Eric Nickerson. Formed in 1979, they are most widely recognized for their hit single "At the Hop", released in 1981. They also American band. (Lead Singer Seth Sutter was actually of Irish extraction).

The 1980sEdit

Seth & The Janitors biggest hit was "Danger", "Chains", "All I Have To Do Is Dream", and other songs. Danny and Seth making a new song called "Here Comes the Sun" cover by The Beatles. Seth's new song/album called "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" cover by The Tokens, release in 1986. Seth & The Janitors second biggest slowwing was "Surfer Girl" cover by The Beach Boys, release in 1987. Seth and hes brother Danny, are songwriters partners. They are propler best persons ever. Danny and Seth make hes new album song called "California Dreamin", released in 1988.

The 1990sEdit

Another Canadian band called Thomas & the Janitors, By lead singer Thomas Alva Edison.

Awards and recognition

Seth & The Janitors were inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2001.


  • Brandon Jackson (born Brandon Jackson, June 9, 1983, Albany, New York - Tenor Vocalist.

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