The Urban Brothers is vocal group in 1980s. They are brothers. Urban Brothers members are Seth Sutter(Lead-Singer) born (May 3, 1964), and Danny Sutter(Second tenor), born (July 8, 1961). They have 24 songs before "The Herdsmen" or "Seth & the Planet Juniors". They have 24 songs but hes biggest hit song called "Im Wounded", release in 1982.

The 1980sEdit

The Urban Brothers at consert called The Smooth Brothers, 13 years before The Turtles. The Urban Brothers have 46 songs and 4 cover songs. In December 12, 1974, Seth and Danny moved to joined "The Herdsmen" and they meet George Putnum, and Paul Wilson. George and Paul have 24 songs and Seth and Danny share, Seth and Danny's songs. In June 9, 1978, After George and Paul death, they moved to "The Belations", and they meet Brandon Sutter and Eric Sutter. In June 14, 1978, They renamed it "Seth & The Belations", and Seth Sutter was new lead singer of "Seth & The Belations".