The Websters are American doo-wop group form Oklahoma comprising Nick Nelson, John VacDyck, Jacob William, and Thomas Cyruns. Formed in 1991, they are best hit single called "Open Up", released in 1983.


The Websters formed in 1991, Nicholas Nelson, John VacDyck, Jacob William, and Thomas Cyruns are all friends in Webster High School. They make a group called The Websters by Jacob, the line up is: Nicholas Nelson(lead-singer), John VacDyck(Baritone), Jacob William(Bass), and Thomas Cyruns(second tenor). The Websters make friends with doo-wop nammed Seth & the Janitors.

In 2003, The Websters make album called "School Days", released in Feburary 3, 2003. The Websters also called "The Webs". Beacuse they procuder Nick Smith.

Broke upEdit

Middle of 2003, Thomas wants released a album called "School Years". Other guys desagree with Thomas, so they broke up for middle to end of they year. On December 24, 2003, Nicholas, John, Jacob, and Thomas.

After Broke upEdit

After they broke up in Junuary 1, 2004, Thomas sorry about everything so Nick, John, Jacob, and Thomas joined band together. At Junuary 5, 2004, Nick, John, Jacob agree with album so they released it.


Awards and recognitionEdit

The Websters were inducted will be in Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2011.

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